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WELCOME to SNOW LION est. 1980.
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  • Meditation Zafu Cushions

  • We provide body contour designs to fit all heights, shapes, sizes and flexibilty. All our meditation (zafu) cushions are double stitched and made from durable, washable,fabric. Constructed with a convenient carry handle and zipper. Buckwheat filling.

    NOTE: More in-store selection and color.
  • Salubrion Meditation Seats

  • Built upon thirty years of meditation experience, the Salubrion Seats™ provides exceptional support for floor sitting, assisting in proper back alignment and lumbar curve for superior comfort.
  • Meditation Seiza Benches

  • Various meditation (seiza) bench designs and heights to suit individual sitting needs and body types. Choice of flat or rounded leg to promote subtle posture adjustments.Regular or wider seat available.
  • Meditation Zabuton Mats

  • Durable construction. Filled with high density foam. Comes with removeable, washable cover. Use for under meditation (zafu) cushion and seiza (kneeling) bench for increased comfort or to create sacred space.

    NOTE: More in-store selection and color.
  • Meditation Support Blocks and Cushions

  • Having a varity of meditation support cushions available is optimal for adjusting any sitting posture. The rule of thumb for support choice is based on flexibliity of individual,pressure areas and the amount of space that needs to be padded (ie. number of inches from knee to mat or floor etc.)
  • Salubrion Enso Clocks

  • The Enso Clock began with a ground-up conceptualization and design for a new timer and clock to be used for meditation and yoga.

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