About Us

The store was founded in 1978 under the name "Tibetan Arts and Crafts" mainly to support the Tibetan refugees through making their handicrafts available in Toronto. In 1980, the name was changed to the now "Snow Lion". The Snow Lion is a mythical creature portrayed in Buddhist art as the protector, supporter and upholder of the throne of wisdom and compassion. We believe that Snow Lion embodies this energy and in this light, we offer hand-made meditation zafu cushions and zabuton mats made on premise.

Snow Lion services the expanding spiritual/Dharma communities and those searching for a path to inner peace.

The physical location of Snow Lion has long been a haven of tranquility and peace to all those who entered through her doors. We are committed to continuing this service online.

We consider it an honour to serve those on their journey, whether it is through a path of meditation with a view toward stress reduction and tranquility or as a spiritual practice. Our products assist meditation and yoga centers, temples and the general public.

Snow Lion also offers lectures throughout the year in wisdom teachings which include topics on healing, meditation, death and dying and the nature and journey of transformation. All are offered at no cost. Spiritual teachers, guides and facilitators of diverse faiths are invited to share these teachings, that reveal us all as one.