Zen Earth Cushion
Zen Earth Cushion

Zen Earth Cushion

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Earth Meditation Zafu Cushion

Great for persons needing a steeper incline to make it easier for knees to touch the floor. Also good for people who have difficulty crossing legs. The non-pleated design allows for variety of angles in sitting postures. By adjusting filling one can create desired depression to cradle and support sacrum. Higher tube sizes are excellent for even taller sitters and for those needing more sacral support. Can be adjusted to a variety of heights as meditator becomes more flexible and requires different sitting support. Ideal for cross-legged or kneeling (seiza) postures. Durable, washable, fabric. Double stitched. Convenient handle. Zipper for adjusting buckwheat fill if desired.

Width: 16 in
Length: 16 in
Height: 5 in

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